On this page, we'll try to keep you up to date on some of the things going on with the club. It will be updated as time permits.
August 2013:
The club held a picnic at the field with a nice turnout of club members, their families, friends of the club and neighbors of the field. Regardless of the fact that temperatures were in the 90's and the humidity was right there with it, a nice breeze kept things comfortable and it was a beautiful day!
There was a potluck meal fit for royalty with hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and more fixin's than you could shake a stick at! The younger crowd was kept well entertained with a couple of laptops rigged up with flying simulators. A few of them tried their hand at flying with the supervision of adults and the aid of a buddy box for safety.
We were all kept well entertained with the skilled flying of club members and the excitement of watching a variety of r/c vehicles courtesy of club president, Casey.
For those who weren't flying, there was plenty of conversation and a pleasant day spent at the field. It's definitely something we all should do more often.
March 11, 2014:
The Winter of 2013-14 will not be a Winter soon forgotten. While piles of the white stuff prevented us from much of any outdoor flying, dreams of green grass and blue skies kept us tinkering on new builds and repairs and revamps of our regular planes. The weather of the last few days has given one hope that it won't be a twelve month Winter as it was beginning to seem.
The first warm, dry days will find us at the field once again and we'll be smiling when the wings meet the air once more! Stay tuned......

May 16, 2014
Here in Southwest Wisconsin, we not only experienced one of the harshest Winters on record, but we've found Spring to be slow arriving also. Tonight, frost warnings are forecasted.... after which, we hope that warmer days will finally become a reality. 

 May 17, 2014:
Our club's Spaghetti Supper took place tonight. Our thanks to Dennis Schmidt for organizing the event and a big thanks to all of the participating club members. We had many r/c planes and playthings on display. The food was delicious and enjoyed by all. Just a few of the club members are shown in the photo...there were several in the kitchen and two at the ticket table.  


October 5, 2014
Our Fall Appreciation Picnic had to be put on hold for a day, but was held despite the still chilly temperatures. The turnout was super, lots of tasty food, excellent flying skills exhibited and everyone had a "ball" with the paintball guns, attempting to bring down one of Dave Nix's SPADs. It showed its share of paint battle scars, but with a little TLC from Dave, it will be back to tease the paintballs again.
We were extremely pleased to have Shirley Nodorft Ward in attendance at the picnic. Shirley Nodorft and her husband started the first airport in Platteville many, many years ago. Its first location was near their farmhouse and later, the Nodorfts purchased the property where our field is now located. They operated Nodorft's Airport for many years during which time, Shirley's husband was the flight instructor and Shirley was his first licensed pilot.
Shirley is now ninety-eight years old and is a wonderfully friendly, intelligent and gracious lady.
We thank her for attending.